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By Sherrina Navani


3:50 PM on 07/15/2011

District cuts hundreds of 'ineffective' teachers

(Photo NBC Washington)

From NBC Washington

D.C. Public Schools let go of hundreds of teachers today, as part of the policy introduced by former education chancellor Michelle Rhee to let go of low-performing educators.

The District on Friday fired some 227 teachers and gave raises and bonuses to more than 600 teachers, based on numbers generated by its controversial teacher evaluation system. The system — known as IMPACT — put D.C. and its then Chancellor at the center of a national debate over teacher performance and accountability when it debuted in 2009.

The dismissal and bonus aspects of the system were revised last year with a collective bargaining act signed by the Washington Teacher’s Union. IMPACT is one of the first teacher-evaluation systems in the nation to grade teachers using a combination of classroom observations and student test scores.

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According to officials, 663 teachers were rated the top level — “highly effective” — and are eligible for performance bonuses of up to $25,000. Of those teachers, 290 will also receive base-salary increases.

Of the 227 fired, 65 teachers received “ineffective” ratings and 141 did not improve their performance enough over the past year. Another 94 teachers were let go for not maintaining a valid license and 21 teachers who lost their placements and were unable to find new ones will not be coming back next year.

“Great teachers are critical to our success,” said current DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson in a press release. “We are delighted to be able to shine a spotlight on our top performers, and we are thrilled by the improvements that so many of our educators made this year”.

“We also remain committed to moving out our lowest performers in an effort to ensure that every child has access to an outstanding education.”

This isn’t the first year that IMPACT has resulted in large-scale dismissals: 224 teachers were fired under the system during the 2009-2010 school year.

The Washington Teacher’s Union has been a vocal critic of IMPACT since the system’s inception, citing its school-wide student-achievement component–which bases a portion of each teacher’s score on the performance of the school as a whole–as one of the most problematic aspects of the evaluation system.

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown said that it was necessary for the city to “move out those who are ineffective.”

“Reaching our goal of providing a high quality education to every child in our city depends on getting an effective teacher in every classroom,” Brown said in a statement. He noted that many teachers who rated “minimally effective” last year had received professional training and improved their performance this year.


Our public education system is not working, clearly.  But what are some solutions to improvement?  What is best for our youth, and will sending them to school year-round really pick up the slack?  LZ Granderson, CNN Opinion Columnist, shares his ideas in this 2-part video series.

View here <—

What are your thoughts?

Our public education system is not working, clearly.  But what are some solutions to improvement?  What is best for our youth, and will sending them to school year-round really pick up the slack?  LZ Granderson, CNN Opinion Columnist, shares his ideas in this 2-part video series.

View here <—

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree that parents should be jailed for trying to give their child(ren) a better education?

CNN’s Kiran Chetry speaks with CNN’s Steve Perry about a mother facing charges for sending her son to a better school.
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Today marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation week!  So to all the classroom leaders, and to the first teachers a child has (the parents/guardians), thank you!  Thank you for preparing our future leaders!

Please read In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week: A Open Letter  from Arne Duncan to America’s Teachers.

-The Summary

When I think about school buildings, I automatically get a picture in my head of square classrooms, long hallways, the principals office, a cafeteria, maybe an auditorium, and definitely, a gym.  When I was grade school (which wasn’t that long ago) every school I attended had a gym.  Some of these schools had playgrounds too, while others didn’t, but a gymnasium with athletic equipment including cones, jump ropes, and balls of all sorts was definitely part of the scenery.  But was I spoiled?  I’m thinking back; I was a high-mobility kid whose family was always on the move.  I attended 11 schools in 13 years, and not once did I attend a school that didn’t have a gym!

Nowadays, young people need physical activity more than ever because our society is inundated with electronics, video games, cell phones, computers, fast, processed food, and crime (yes!) and childhood obesity is on an unrelenting rise!  Children need to be active, and what better place to be in motion than a place they spend most of their time anyway- school!  This is one school that needs YOUR help.  They have a beautiful campus, a green curriculum, and a dedicated community, but there isn’t a gym…

Paramount School of Excellence submitted a grant called “Our School Needs”, and what they need is gym and a quality sports program.  This isn’t much to ask for considering everything they give back to the community each day.  PSoE sits in a neighborhood where it isn’t always super safe to just go out and play, so the one place these students (and every student) should be able to depend on to get active is at school!  Check out this article which discusses the grant, and gives a strong argument for why a gymnasium shouldn’t be a luxury!

New School Rock is a spinoff blog of TheSummary (blog) dedicated solely to education.  As an educator myself, I understand that we are in a tough times when it comes to preparing our young citizens to compete globally for jobs, but far more importantly, existing in this universe as knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, and easily adaptive citizens of the world.

This blog seeks to inform on the current state of education, what people are doing nationally and globally to prepare citizens of the world, sustainable education practices, education reform, non-traditional or alternative educational practices and programs, and news pertaining to the state of education.  In this blog you will find links to fascinating articles, educational websites, opinion pieces, and in general, a fresh perspective with which to approach education.  This blog is not meant to institutionalize or indoctrinate what comes naturally to us as humans- our desire to learn.  And unlike it may seem, we are not doomed if we evolve.  The School House doors may have locked you out, but there is hope!  It’s now time for New School Rock!


Do you believe that playing is learning?  They do! Volunteers come together to build a playground for a new school in Indianapolis!  Click here to see photos!