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New School Rock is a spinoff blog of TheSummary (blog) dedicated solely to education.  As an educator myself, I understand that we are in a tough times when it comes to preparing our young citizens to compete globally for jobs, but far more importantly, existing in this universe as knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, and easily adaptive citizens of the world.

This blog seeks to inform on the current state of education, what people are doing nationally and globally to prepare citizens of the world, sustainable education practices, education reform, non-traditional or alternative educational practices and programs, and news pertaining to the state of education.  In this blog you will find links to fascinating articles, educational websites, opinion pieces, and in general, a fresh perspective with which to approach education.  This blog is not meant to institutionalize or indoctrinate what comes naturally to us as humans- our desire to learn.  And unlike it may seem, we are not doomed if we evolve.  The School House doors may have locked you out, but there is hope!  It’s now time for New School Rock!